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Click Here For Surfing Help: education, protection, things to know

Video Help:

To play vids properly you need to install the appropriate movie players. It's best not to use third party players which may cause conflicts. You'll also need the right codecs which are not standard with the players.

Windows Media Player, your default player for MPEG, AVI & WMV files.
Quick Time, your default player for QT & MOV files.
Real Player, your default player for REAL files.

Note: If you have trouble playing WMV files you need to update or upgrade your media player to the latest version. Even if you already have windows media player 9 you'll need to get the updates to play many of the WMV files online.

Official DivX 5.11, get the codec only, not the player. It works with windows media player.
DivX Digest, a great site with many codecs including DivX 3.11 alpha & DivX 4.12.
Xvid codec, new codec becoming widely used.

Note: You'll be able to play 99% of AVI files with the above mentioned codecs installed. However you may still be missing a video codec or audio codec not listed here. You'll have to search google for the missing codecs.

G Spot, establishes what audio & video codecs are required to play your AVI files.
Movie Codec, a great web site featuring a wide array of codec & software downloads.

Joining & Editing Software:
J Fuse, joins & splits MPEG & AVI movie files.
Virtual Dub, easy to use editing software for MPEG & AVI files.

Download Help:

To avoid slow downloads & disconnects you need to use a good download manager.

Things To Know:
To save vids to your hardrive, right click & select the "save target as" option.
Only click MPG-MPEG, AVI, WMW, ASF, MOV-QT, & RM-REAL files. Other files like EXE's are not vids.

Download Software:
Get Right, resume broken downloads & get faster downloads.
Download Accelerator, resume broken downloads & get faster downloads.
Go Zilla, faster downloads & download management.

Surfing Help:

To surf porn sites these days you need a small army of protection.

Dialers, they disconnect you & reconnect you to expensive international phone lines.
Browser Hijacks, they change your start page & ad sites to your favorites.
Host File Hijacks, they edit your host file causing you to be redirected from popular sites.
Toolbars, additions to your browser that include advertising & a variety of other junk.
Ad Ware, pop up advertising installed by sites you visit or programs you install.
Spy Ware, your internet activity is tracked, sold & used to hit you with targeted advertising.
Trojan Viruses, code that causes the installation of everything listed above without your knowledge.
Worm Viruses, code that causes viruses & spam to be sent via email from your computer.

Spy Bot Search & Destroy, the best protection for surfing the web.
Spy Ware Blaster, another great protection software.
Ad Aware, another great protection software .
Norton Anti Virus, always use up to date virus software.
Spy Ware Info, more info on how to protect yourself.
Google Toolbar, a clean toolbar with pop up blocking.
Opera Browser, a great browser with pop up blocking.
Internet Explorer, upgrade to or install the latest version of explorer.
Windows Update, download the latest updates & security patches for Windows.
Parasite Test, check if your infected online.

Things To Know:
To stop a pop up chain use "ALT+F4" repeatedly to close the active windows before they load.
Another option is to use "CTRL+ALT+DELETE" & shut down the applications manually.